Monday, November 22, 2010

Sorry so long!

Hey all!

Sorry there has been such a delay in updating our blog. As you can imagine, we have been a little busy around here lately. The babies are now 4 weeks old. It is hard to believe. They are doing really well. They eat every 3 hours and pretty much sleep in between. That will start to change as we near their due date. They are already starting to have a little more awake time. They are eating really well and gaining lots of weight. Today I have a phone appointment with the nutritionist to discuss weight gain. All 3 boys unfortunately have pink eye. We aren't really sure how that happened since we have to keep them indoors and away from everyone, but I suspect it was one of the photographers from our infant photo shoot. We will definitely post pictures from that when we get them, but until then here are some from our little camera.

Hope you enjoy!


Thoughts for the day said...

They are SO cute. Please do call us when you need some help~ how are you two surviving on minimal sleep? Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving. Larry and Sharon O

Ed and Jody Priest said...

Hooray! Pictures and proof of life. I miss you guys. So happy to see the little guys and hear that they are doing well. Sending lots of love your way!

Winter Wonderland said...

YEAH for pics!!! I know you guys are certainly busy, but we LOVE to see pictures. We love you and hope that all is well. (Get rid of that pink eye business...yuck!) :)

Sharon said...

So happy for the update! Know you might could have caught a couple of minutes of sleep instead :) You all are looking great! Love ya!